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Have you found a rusty brake line or two, but the others are just fine?  Perhaps you were replacing a brake caliper and managed to twist-off the end of the line, but don’t have the time, patience or skills to bend and install steel replacement lines.  No need to buy the complete kit when this is the case…you can now select the exact length you need and be rest assured that each and every line is built to exacting specifications and tolerances using only the best NiCopp® nickel-copper tubing and black oxide treated fittings, your guarantee that you’ll only ever have to do the job once!

Our EZ-Fit® single line program features exclusive EZ-Bend Technology, allowing our NiCopp® lines to be formed-in-place without the need for bending tools, just about as quick and easy as it gets!  So how safe are NiCopp® lines and how long do they last?  Again, rest easy… NiCopp® lines easily pass all applicable burst pressure standards for safety assurance and thanks to the fact that NiCopp® will not rust or corrode, the lines will last the life of the vehicle.  Be smart and take the easy path; order the single lines that you need now!