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Application specific kits come with all the lines for a complete job!

It’s no secret that there are a high number of vehicles on the road in the ‘rust belt’ states that suffer from pattern failures of the brake lines, where factory brake lines rust away to nothing way early in the vehicles life!

EZ-Fit brake line kits were developed specifically to address this major issue with a far superior solution.  EZ-Fit brake line kits use NiCopp technology exclusively, the ultimate in rust and corrosion-proof brake tubing with black oxide treated fittings for increased protection from rust and easy future disassembly!

EZ-Fit complete kit lines are pre-flared and flexible enough to route around objects, without tedious hand flaring, cutting or dismantling parts to route the line through. Installation is as much as 65% faster than typical line kits, meaning that the job is done quickly, correctly and permanently!  Select your EZ-Fit brake line kit for popular applications using the handy applications menu.